Friday, January 2, 2009

If I'd known It Would Wash the Dishes, I'd have Bought It a Long Time Ago!

This Christmas my parents bought us a Wii as a family gift. We had played one this summer while staying with some friends before we moved, and it seemed like something the whole family would enjoy. Jonathan loves video games in general, Joshua likes the competition, Jordan is our sports nut, Joseph likes to be in the middle of anything active and noisy, and Mommy and Daddy like things we can all do together as a family. That just leaves Josiah, who isn't terribly interested yet, but you can't please everyone! :)

We've been playing the sports games the most so far. Joshua and I enjoy bowling--turns out Josh is really good at it! Jonathan and Jordan have the most fun playing tennis. You'd better not stand too close as they swing their remote "rackets" back and forth! All the boys like golf, although Jordan for some reason only wants to aim in the total opposite direction and hit the ball as hard as he's even better if he can hit it over a cliff and into the ocean! Jeremy has become quite a good boxer, although Jordan can just about take him on!

The sad part? Jeremy and I have been downright sore after several days of playing Wii Sports. Yes, we are obviously in pretty bad shape if we get sore playing a video game! I mean, it's not like I'm bowling with a 16-lb. ball or anything. It's a small, plastic remote! Pathetic. Maybe I need to just go ahead and buy Wii Fit and get in shape! :)

So back to the title...Jonathan usually works pretty diligently at his school work, although he is a bit less responsible with his chores. Yesterday he finished his schooling quickly and did excellent work, so I offered to reward him by letting him play the Wii, even though video games are usually only allowed Friday evening through Sunday. There was one caveat, though...he had to finish his chores first. I have NEVER seen that child work so quickly or so well at chores, and he even came to me after each one to ask what ELSE he should do!! Hmmm, this thing could be really REALLY good for me! I don't want to wash dishes? "Hey, Jon! Wanna play Wii?" Bwahahahaha!!


Stefanie said...

Ha ha ha!! How funny is that little Jon? We are enjoying the heck out of our Wii, too. I am a RockBand FOOL over here. My vocal chords are getting sore. Ha ha!! I bowled for the first time last night and it was FUN!! Now, I see why they had to go back and add the wrist strap to the controllers. Crazy!!

Allette said...

That is Awesome!
We didn't get video games or new system this year, so I'm going to get an estimate from Merry Maids today :P Everyone is so busy with their hours of homework, Scouts, Football, Weight Training, etc that no one has time to clean. So, at least 2 x a month I can get a super clean house, right?

G. said...

My brother got us a Wii for Christmas and we've been enjoying it. We have a Mario Olympics game and my arms get sore after doing the track competition. I'm considering getting the FIT as well. If I can somehow come up with the $100 it costs. :)

Grandma and Peepaw said...

It never occured to me that the game would be so beneficial to the condition of your home. I'm so glad all of you are enjoying it. There was Wii competitions on the ship, so I finally got to see the game in action. Let me know when to expect ya'll.

Annalia Romero said...

I'm not surprised you were sore.
My brother-in-law got a shoulder injury usually reserved for tennis players...playing Wii.
I'm still waiting to buy ours. :(
My kids chose a way to earn one and they still haven't followed thru. Bummer.

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